Management and Strategy

Strategic Planning, New Ventures and Acquisitions

Central to LGC’s development as an enterprise were a series of strategic plans which set out a vision for the future shape of the company and outlined the means by which this would be achieved. LGC: The making of a company describes the development of these plans and how they involved, and were communicated to, all staff. Some of LGC’s growth was achieved through acquisitions. Developing a strategy for acquisitions (which often arose opportunistically), negotiating mutually acceptable terms, and integrating new units within the company presented particular challenges. Along with ‘new ventures’ - investing in applying technology to new markets - LGC’s carefully targeted acquisitions played a crucial part in the company’s development.

The Management of Change

LGC’s transformation from a government agency to a thriving science-based company was rapid. A key aspect of this change was developing a culture which encouraged quality, sound science and enterprise. This book explains some of the many techniques which were used to achieve continuous improvement and describes, in particular, ‘the Pentagon Programme’, an initiative for translating an ambitious corporate plan into reality.

Entrepreneurial science

LGC adapted leading edge analytical and diagnostic science for new markets in forensic science, animal health, food science and healthcare, etc. While not primarily involved in basic science, LGC formed several research partnerships and aimed to be among the first to use new technologies in novel applications.